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Gender Mainstreaming Documents

  1. Participatory Gender Audit Report for EAC Organs and Institutions, 2013
    • A gender audit is a self-evaluation exercise whose main objective is to promote organisational learning on how to implement gender mainstreaming effectively in policies, programmes, and structures. The EAC Secretariat therefore commissioned the Participatory Gender Audit (PGA) to support the on-going efforts in integrating gender-mainstreaming approaches in its institutional processes.
    • Within the EAC context, the Gender Audit assessed the extent to which gender-mainstreaming approaches are implemented through key regional legal and policy frameworks, decision-making processes and institutions. This is in addition to an adopted focus of assessing the potential of effecting strengthened gender equality approaches within EAC through the EAC Partnership Fund processes.
  2. EAC Framework for Gender and Social Development Outcome Indicators for EAC Development Strategy (2011-2016)
    • This is the Monitoring and Evaluation Tool for Gender and social development for the 4th EAC Development Strategy (2011-2016). The Framework was formulated as a result of the Participatory Gender Audit for EAC, which revealed several gaps in relation to monitoring gender and other cross-cutting issues in implementing protocols, policies and programs at EAC. It, therefore, aims to guide efforts from different Directorates and Departments towards monitoring gender and social development mainstreaming results at different levels.
  3. Guidelines and Checklists for Gender Mainstreaming in EAC Organs and Institutions, 2013
    • This is a manual that provides three basic tools to guide EAC program staff at the Secretariat and key stakeholders at different levels for effective mainstreaming of gender in regional programs and projects during planning, designing, implementing, monitoring and evaluation. The tools are meant to assist them to become active agents for ensuring effective gender analysis and mainstreaming of gender in EAC program interventions in the region.
  4. Gender Mainstreaming Strategy for EAC Organs and Institutions, 2013
    • The Gender Mainstreaming Strategy for EAC was the result of a PGA that was conducted by EAC Secretariat in the Focal Ministries in Partner States, organs, institutions and governance structures in the region. The PGA exercise revealed some positive achievements as well as areas in need of improvement in promotion of gender mainstreaming approaches within the EAC context, especially at the Secretariat and Focal Ministries. Within that context, therefore, the strategy was developed with a goal of facilitating the promotion of more effective gender mainstreaming approaches within EAC.

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