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The primary source of inspiration for the work of the EAC on the rights and welfare of the child is mandated under Article 120 of the Treaty establishing the East African Community. Under the provision, Partner States have agreed to closely cooperate in the field of social welfare and to develop common approaches towards supporting the disadvantaged and marginalized groups including children.

As such, the EAC has developed Child and Youth Policies that provide a functional regional framework to facilitate the development, coordination and strengthening of policies and programmes that aim towards the protection and promotion of the rights of children and young people.

The Action Plans of the policies set out various priority areas that include provision of care and services to the most vulnerable, strengthening national child protection systems and community mechanisms within the EAC region; and developing an integrated approach to providing quality education, health and social protection to children among others.

With support from partners who comprise the Inter-agency Working Group on Children (IAWG), the EAC Secretariat and Partner States are implementing the action plans and various initiatives to respond to some persistent and emerging child rights issues are underway.

Key Priority areas, Actions and Achievements



The Interagency Working Group on the EAC Child Policy

The Inter-Agency Working Group on Children (IAWG) is a group of international and regional non-governmental organisations that have supported the development and implementation of the East Africa Community Child Policy.

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