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Civil Society mobilisation

The EAC Treaty stipulates that regional integration and development in the community shall be people centred and participatory. This involves broad participation of key stakeholders including women, the youth, private sector and the civil society. Governments have to create s an enabling environment for these stakeholders to thrive.

The last ten years have witnessed growth in the participation of the civil society, professional, women and private sector organisations in the integration process. To this extent, organisations such as the East African Business Council, the East African Trade Union Council, the East Africa Law Society, the East African Magistrates and Judges’ Association, East African Local Governments Authority have in one way or another participated in the activities of the EAC.


Legal Frameworks

Articles 127, 128 and 129 of the EAC Treaty focus on the creation of an enabling environment for the Private Sector, the Civil Society and other interest groups as well as the strengthening of co-operation among business organisations and professional bodies.

Specifically, Article 127(3) & (4) states the following:

  • The Partner States agree to promote an enabling environment for the participation of Civil Society in the development activities within the Community; and
  • between the private sector, civil society organisations, other interest groups and appropriate institutions of the Community.

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