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Instruments Policy Priority Area 9:  Monitoring, Evaluation and Reporting of Child Rights

Objective: To develop coordination of monitoring, evaluating and reporting of child rights among the Partner States and other experts on children

9.1. Develop and implement a regional Monitoring and Evaluation System on Child Rights including tools to monitor compliance and enforcement

  • Training of key actors such as the Ministries, Child Rights Experts, CSOs in areas such as budget tracking and monitoring human rights compliance

  • Develop a Regional Evaluation Toolkit on human rights compliance and enforcement

9.2. Strengthen linkages between the AU Committee of Experts and the EAC to monitor and report progress on Child Rights

Develop standards in monitoring and reporting children's rights violations and status of implementation of Regional, Sub Regional and International Commitments to the ACERWC and the EAC

9.3. Document and share best practices among Partner States and in collaboration with the Civil Society, Private Sector, development partners and other stakeholders for learning purposes

  • Develop and operationalise an online information and social media portal for Children in the EAC

  • Organise Annual Conferences and Forums to share best practices among Partner States

ProgressProgress in the implementation of Priority Area Nine:

  1. In an effort to implement the priority area, the EAC Secretariat with support from ACPF has finalised the regional framework for monitoring, evaluating and reporting on child rights within EAC. The framework aims primarily to promote accountability for child rights at Partner States level. The framework in addition to enabling Partner States and EAC Secretariat to monitor and evaluate compliance and enforcement on the Child Policy will also guide Partner States in harmonizing and streamlining their reporting obligations under various international instruments, notably the ACERWC and UNCRC. The framework provides a set of standardized indicators for Partner States to continuously self-monitor, evaluate and report progress to the EAC policy organs, encourage peer review and continuous learning, reflection and policy guidance.

The EAC will this year conduct a review of the implementation of the Child Policy and also provide a regional report on Status of Implementing the African Charter on the Rights and Welfare of the Child.



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