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Institutional Framework

The EAC institutional framework is responsible for investment promotion and creating a conducive investment environment for current and future investors. The Sectoral Committee on investment acts as the technical arm and guides investments in the Community. The stakeholders with regard to the EAC Investment Promotion and Initiatives include:

  1. The EAC Organs (Summit, EAC Council of Ministers and EAC Secretariat), and Sectoral Council on Trade, Industry, Finance and Investment shall be involved in identification, approval, implementation and monitoring of regional investment projects.

  2. EAC Secretariat-Department of Investment and Private Sector Promotion (I&PSP). This department will set up a Regional Investment Promotion Office to coordinate regional investments. The main task of the Regional Investment Promotion Office will be to promote regional investment initiatives in partnership with the National Investment Promotion Agencies (IPAs). IPAs shall designate staff to work with the regional office on regional investment initiatives. EAC Investment Guide Online version shall be part of the EAC web portal i.e. www.eac.int/investment-guide and it shall be updated using information/ data from publications/ documents at national, regional, continental and global levels recognised/ authenticated by the EAC. The mandate to update the EAC investment Guide shall be vested in the EAC Secretariat-Department of Investment and Private Sector Promotion (I&PSP).

  3. The Partner States Governments: The National Investment Promotion Agency (IPA) in addition to promoting and supporting national investments, will provide services under the EAC Regional Investment Promotion Office to investors that want to invest in more than one Partner State or already have investments in more than one Partner State.

  4. The East African Court of Justice will ensure adherence to the law in the interpretation and application of compliance with the EAC Treaty, protocols and other legislations. It will also handle investment arbitration matters.

  5. The East African Legislative Assembly will support regional investment initiatives through legislating on enabling laws and providing oversight over regional investment initiatives.

  6. EAC Institutions. The East African Community Competition Authority (EACA), shall promote and protect fair trade and ensure consumer welfare in the community pursuant to EAC Competition Act (2006). The East African Development Bank will offer structured financial products and services to organisations in the health, education, hospitality and tourism, infrastructure development, energy and utilities, and agriculture sectors. The East African Health Research Commission will coordinate and map out a regional agenda on health research as well as the translation of its results into policy and practice within the Partner States as regards investment initiatives in health sector. The East African Science and Technology Commission will assist in coordination of the development and implementation of Science, Technology and innovation investment initiatives. The Inter-University Council for East Africa will coordinate the harmonization of higher education and training systems in East Africa, facilitate their strategic development and promote internationally comparable standards and systems to ensure high quality human capital development necessary for developing and implementing investments.

  7. Private sector: include private sector representative organisations, East African Business Council (EABC) and other regional private sector apex institutions and will play a lead role in investment identification, promotion, selection, planning, execution, monitoring and evaluation.

  8. Non-state actors: including academic institutions, financial institutions, Civil Society organisations that include trade unions, political leaders, community groups, employee union, community groups, environmentalists and public in general will support EAC regional Investment initiatives through promotion, research monitoring and evaluation, dissemination of information in order to increase impact of regional investments.

Institutional Framework for Investment Promotion, Coordination & Management

Figure 6.1: Institutional Framework for Investment Promotion, Coordination &

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