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Support to Pandemic Preparedness in the EAC Region

The EAC Secretariat and the EAC Partner States have declared the fight against infectious diseases a health priority for the region. The “Support to Pandemic Preparedness in the EAC Region” project, being implemented by GIZ on behalf of the German Government, assists the EAC Secretariat to improve the regional preparedness and response capacity. It contributes to putting the East African Community regional contingency plan into practice and to implementing the regional risk and crisis communication strategy.

The project also advises the Secretariat on the sustainable integration of ‘One Health’. This approach involves professional disciplines and sectors of society that play an important role in preventing and responding to outbreaks of infectious diseases and in mitigating its impact.

The project offers technical expertise and builds capacity with the overall aim of strengthening EAC in its coordinating and advisory role for the Partner States in pandemic preparedness. It is practice-oriented and pursues a participative approach. The project contributes to a uniform, effective, responsible and balanced approach to pandemic preparedness at the regional and national government level.


EAC Regional Strategy and Plan

           EAC Standard Operating Procedures

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COVID-19 Reponse

Air Travel in the 'new normal': Training of airport staff in the EAC region on the prevention of and response to COVID-19



Highlights films on Cross border Field Simulation between Kenya and Tanzania, June 2019.

Diseases Do Not Respect Borders - A highlights film on Cross border Field Simulation between Kenya and Tanzania, June 2019.


The Role of Points of Entry in Pandemic Preparedness.

Speaking with One Voice -The role of risk and crisis communication in pandemic prevention and response.


Timothy Wesonga - My lessons learned from the field simulation exercise

Cross-border disease outbreak simulation exercise reinforces preparedness in East Africa

Managing Infectious Disease Outbreaks across sectors -  the role of One Health in Pandemic Preparedness

Cross Border Field Simulation Exercise - Feedback from Participants

Lessons for the Future – What East African experts learned from fighting Ebola in West Africa, International Conference in Nairobi, 2017:





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