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Aquatic Ecosystems

The role of freshwater resources, marine ecosystems and wetlands in accomplishing the needed socio-economic development goals is widely recognized in EAC region. However, water insecurity is one of the major socio-economic problems that undermine the regional efforts in improving the quality of life of the people.

On the face of it, water should not be such a constraint to development as the region is endowed with vast and abundant water resources.

Areas of focus are freshwater resources; marine ecosystems, wetlands and blue economy with the following priority areas:

  • Ensure sustainable management and utilization of natural resources like oceans, lakes, rivers, streams, estuaries, wetlands, and other aquatic ecosystems
  • Develop water resources conservation and management policies that ensure sustenance and preservation of aquatic ecosystems
  • Initiate common policies and regulations for better management and development of marine parks, reserves, fisheries resources, wetlands, and controlled areas
  • Initiate and formulate common policies including development of EAC Water policy and Integrated Water Resources Strategy
  • Establishment of an East African Community Water Resources Management Centre of Excellence
  • Documentation and showcasing best practices in addressing water challenges


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