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Environment and Natural Resources

Managing and sustaining the eco-systems and natural resources of the Community by preventing, arresting and reversing the effects of environmental degradation as well as management and the sustainable utilisation of natural resources.

EAC’s Environment Agenda: A Healthy Natural Environment for Present and Future Generations

The East African Community is endowed with various natural resources such as forests, water, wildlife, mountains, minerals and energy resources. The natural resources are the drivers of national and regional economic development. The objective of the Environment and Natural Resources Management sector is to promote sustainable use and management of natural resources and promote adaptation to climate change.

Articles 111, 112 and 114 of the EAC Treaty provide for co-operation in environment and natural resources. The EAC Partner States have agreed to take joint effort to co-operate in efficient management of these resources.

Key priorities of the sector include Climate Change adaptation and mitigation, natural resource management and biodiversity conservation, disaster risk reduction and management, and pollution control and waste management.

The sector is strengthening the resilience and sustainable management of biologically significant trans-boundary freshwater ecosystems; supporting adaptive capacities and resilience to the negative impacts of Climate Change; developing and harmonising standards, framework and regulation on pollution control and waste management; and, strengthening Disaster Risk Reduction management and policy.

The Environment and Natural Resources Sector highlights the following:

  1. Natural Resource Management and Biodiversity Conservation
  2. Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation
  3. Disaster Risk Reduction and Management
  4. Pollution and Waste Management
  5. Multilateral Environmental Agreements

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