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Peace and Security

Fostering and maintaining a conducive atmosphere that is a pre-requisite to social and economic development through co-operation and consultations on issues pertaining to peace and security of the Partner States.


Peace and Security has been acknowledged as critical to creation of the right environment upon which regional integration in all aspects can be fostered. Strategies on the control of cross border crime ensure security of persons and goods as they move within the region are continually being developed.


Overview of Peace and Security Strategy

Since inception in 1999, the EAC has taken bold steps to create a framework and structures to address issues of Peace and Security. However, the effectiveness of the structures have been hampered by the absence of clear strategic direction on the critical areas of co-operation.

It is against this background that the EAC Council of Ministers, upon recommendation by the Sectoral Committee on Interstate Security, established an experts group to develop a Regional Strategy supported by a practical implementation plan.

The strategy, developed through a highly consultative and inclusive process, will anchor Peace and Security Sector activities, giving form to the areas of co-operation in addressing regional peace and security threats.

The strategy was adopted by the 13th Council of Ministers meeting, held in November 2006, to guide EAC level interventions in the Peace and Security Sector. The Peace and Security Sector remains very committed and dynamic in order to respond to the nature and form of the ever-evolving security threats. The advancement in technology, knowledge dispersal and globalisation in all aspects continue to influence crime types and trends.

To address itself to these changes, the Strategy remains a guiding framework and at the same time, it is inclined to any adjustments to accommodate new and emerging security challenges.

Article 124 of The Treaty for the Establishment of the East African Community recognises the need for peace and security within the East African Partner States. The same article spells out wide-ranging approaches for implementation in order to have a stable and secure environment within the region. This kind of environment is geared towards promoting development and harmonious living of the people of East Africa.

This strategy covers collaboration on cross border crimes, auto theft, drug trafficking, terrorism, money laundering and other crimes. This will provide a good and conducive environment in which PEACE will flourish, SECURITY of persons and property guaranteed hence fostering DEVELOPMENT.


Establishment of the Sectoral Council on Interstate Security

Towards enhancing co-operation in the sector, a Sectoral Council on Interstate Security was established to oversee the implementation of ever-increasing areas of co-operation in interstate security as elaborated in the EAC Regional Strategy for Peace and Security. This process notwithstanding, a number of activities were undertaken in the sector within the existing framework on cooperation in interstate security.

These include:

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