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Road Transport in East Africa

The Community has identified five main corridors (a total length of about 12,000 km), which constitute a strategic priority and require rehabilitation and upgrading.

The Northern Corridor from Mombasa to Bujumbura is part of the Trans-African Highway (Mombasa - Lagos) while the Tunduma - Moyale road is part of the Cape to Cairo Highway. The EAC in collaboration with member countries has initiated development partner coordinated assistance in order to mobilise funds for the development of the corridors.

The EAC has facilitated sector reforms which include the formation of Roads Boards or Agencies, participation of private sector, harmonisation of regional policies and axle loads control in the road sub-sector. All the Partner States have road fund boards and road agencies.

There are two transit corridors that facilitate import and export activities in the region:

  • The Northern Corridor (1,700 km long) commencing from the port of Mombasa and serves Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi and Eastern DRC.
  • The Central Corridor (1,300 km long) begins at the port of Dar es Salaam and serves Tanzania, Zambia, Rwanda, Burundi, Uganda and Eastern DRC.

The five major transport corridors are:

  1. Mombasa - Malaba - Kigali - Bujumbura
  2. Dar es Salaam - Rusumo with branches to Kigali, Bujumbura and Masaka
  3. Biharamulo - Sirari - Lodwar - Lokichogio
  4. Nyakanazi - Kasulu - Tunduma with a branch to Bujumbura
  5. Tunduma - Dodoma - Namanga - Isiolo - Moyale

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