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Co-operation among the Partner States in Civil Aviation and Air Transport

The EAC Treaty recognises the contribution of air transport in stimulating the region’s economy. Article 92 of the Treaty (Civil Aviation and Civil Air Transport) outlines a comprehensive system of co-operation among the Partner States in civil aviation and air transport. Specifically, Partner States are required to:

  1. Adopt common policies for the development of civil air transport in the Community in collaboration with other relevant international organisations;
  2. Undertake to make civil air transport services safe, efficient and profitable;
  3. Harmonise civil aviation rules and regulations, and establish common measures;
  4. Establish a common EAC air space;
  5. Establish common measures for the facilitation of passenger and cargo air services in the Community;
  6. Co-ordinate the flight schedules of their designated airlines;
  7. Consider ways to co-ordinate and jointly manage their air;
  8. Encourage the joint use of ground services;
  9. Agree to take common measures for the control and protection of the air space of the Community;
  10. Adopt common aircraft standards and technical specifications for the types of aircraft to be operated in the Community; and
  11. Co-ordinate measures and co-operate in the area of the security and rescue operations.

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