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Ongoing Projects

1. East African Community Broadband ICT Infrastructure Network

The aim of this project is to establish and operate a cross-border broadband infrastructure network within the EAC.


2. EAC Legal Framework for Cyber Laws

A legal framework for cyber laws provides guidelines on the enactment and enforcement of laws that promote the deployment of e-government and e-commerce services.


3. Analogue-to-Digital Broadcast Migration (ADBM)

From 2015, most countries in the world will have switched their terrestrial broadcast systems from analog technologies to digital technologies. Digital terrestrial broadcasting offers several advantages over analogue broadcasting. Besides providing more broadcast channels, digital broadcasting offers more services than can be provided by analog technologies.

ADBM requires government interventions on several areas including policy and regulatory regime, technology standardisation, spectrum plans and business and consumer preparations. To that effect, the EAC Secretariat is working with the International Telecommunications Union and the European Union to support a programme for harmonising ADBM among EAC Partner States.


4. ICT Policy and Harmonisation Framework

Two reference instruments have been developed: a Regional Framework for Harmonisation of National ICT Policies and a Study on the EAC Communications Regime. Both documents provide recommendations on harmonising the ICT policies and regulations of Partner States. Harmonised communications policies and regulations would enhance the realisation and sustenance of the Common Market.


5. Telecommunications

The EAC has launched the One Network Area, which commenced on 1st January 2015, initially covering Rwanda, Kenya, Uganda and South Sudan. The other Partner States are expected to join the One Network Area as of 1st July 2015. This refers to having uniform calling rates and elimination of roaming charges within that area.

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