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Overview of Migration Management

Migration occupies a very central place in the regional integration process. In order to realise the core objectives of the East African Common Market Protocol - free, safe and orderly movement of persons - migration has to be effectively managed. Migration is also intrinsically tied to migration challenges such as irregular migration, human smuggling and human trafficking and other cross border crimes like car theft, armed robberies and fugitives of law.

At the same time, migration across borders provides opportunities such as increased legal labour migration which has a positive impact on remittances, transfer of technology and increased cross-border trade, which benefit both the receiving and sending countries. To that extent, migration has to be managed in a manner that reduces the negative effects and maximises on the positive aspects.

As a process, therefore, migration comprises stages, actors, policy considerations, stakeholders / partnerships and several other post-migration elements. In order to maximise the development potential of migration, a planned, organised and coordinated approach to the management of migration is necessary.

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