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Sustainability of the EAC Scholarship Programmes

The East African Community (EAC) Scholarship Programme is a pioneering initiative aimed at fostering regional integration through education. Developed in line with the EAC Treaty, the programme seeks to promote the mobility of students and teachers across Partner States, thereby enriching educational experiences and building a skilled workforce to drive sustainable development in the region.

At the core of the programme is the commitment to sustainability. Articles 102 (2) (g) and 104 (3) (g) of the Treaty underscore the importance of supporting mobility within the Community and making training facilities accessible across borders. The EAC Scholarship Program is designed to:

Create a Sustainable Scholarship Platform: By establishing a robust framework, we ensure ongoing support for students and educators, laying the foundation for long-term educational partnerships within the EAC.

Identify Key Training Programmes: The EAC has prioritized critical areas of study and provides support to university students, nurturing a pool of skilled professionals who can contribute meaningfully to the region's development.

Facilitate Tertiary Education Access: The EAC scholarship programme aims to break down barriers to accessing higher education, enabling youth from all Partner States to pursue tertiary studies and unlock their full potential.

Promote Cultural Exchange: Embracing the diversity of cultures and values within the EAC, scholarship recipients are exposed to different perspectives, fostering mutual understanding and accelerating the integration process envisioned by the Treaty.

The 18th Sectoral Council on Education, Science, and Technology, Culture, and Sports, held in June 2023, marked a significant milestone for the EAC Scholarship Programme. The Sectoral Council adopted the concept note on the Sustainability of the EAC Scholarship Programme and established a Technical Working Group tasked with developing an implementation plan to ensure the effective rollout of the initiative.

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