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Wildlife Management

As per Article 116 of the Treaty for the Establishment of the East African Commnity, the EAC Partner States undertake to develop a collective and co-ordinate policy for the conservation and sustainable utilisation of wildlife and other tourist sites in the Community, which entails:

  • Harmonising their policies for the conservation of wildlife within and outside protected areas
  • Exchanging information and adopt common policies on wildlife management and development
  • Co-ordinating efforts in controlling and monitoring encroachment and poaching activities


Ongoing activities:

  • Harmonisation of wildlife policies
  • Creation of a Regional Wildlife Conservation Information Management System


Future activities:

  • Development of a protocol on a regional approach toward regional and international treaties/agreements on wildlife
  • A forum for heads of wildlife research institutes to formulate ways of collaborating and share information


Objectives of the Strategic Plan of Wildlife Management (2009/10-2011/12):

  • To harmonise policies and legislation on wildlife conservation and management within the region
  • To ensure viable wildlife populations in their constituent habitats
  • To ensure harmonious co-existence between communities and wildlife within and adjacent to conservation areas
  • To ensure sound wildlife management decisions based on accurate and adequate information
  • To ensure that wildlife is a key driver in the regional economy

Destination East Africa

In fulfilling one of the EAC’s strategic interventions identified as key to sector growth, the EAC Partner States have embraced a joint marketing effort that seeks to sell the East African region as a single tourist destination through promotional materials such as DVDs and brochures.

Additionally, Destination East Africa is an initiative that seeks to encourage intra-regional tourism by providing incentives for East Africans.

There are as many fun options to avail yourself as there are places to visit when in East Africa. From music festivals to sporting events to cultural extravaganzas, it all happens here, all year round.

Feel free to visit our Calendar of Events page for upcoming events by theme:

  • Arts, Exhibitions and Fairs;
  • Music, Culture and Festivals; and
  • Sporting and Outdoors activities.

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