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Tourism and Wildlife Management

Collectively promoting and marketing the Community as a Single Tourist Destination while conserving and ensuring sustainable utilisation of wildlife and other tourist sites.

EAC and Tourism

East Africa has recorded some impressive achievements in the realm of tourism owing to the conscious efforts by EAC Partner States to work together in promoting growth in the sector.

The success of the tourism sector has benefited from immense private sector investments in hotels, transportation, marketing and product development, and dedicated government efforts in conservation.

Some successes include:

  • Since November 2008, East Africa Community has been marketed as a single region and the EAC Partner States have been participating in international tourism fairs including World Tourism Market (WTM) in London, UK and Internationale Tourismus-Börse (ITB) Berlin;
  • Preferential entry fees and accommodation tariffs for East African Citizens within the region;
  • Common criteria for classification of tourist accommodation establishments and restaurants; and
  • Regional Strategy to Combat Poaching and Illegal Trade and Trafficking of Wildlife and Wildlife Products.


Challenges facing the Sector

The challenges the sector has experienced include a narrow range of tourism products; inadequate and inefficient infrastructure; insecurity; negative advisories from some source markets and stiff competition from relatively less costly travel destinations.

Additionally, the sector suffers from:

  • Inadequate financial and human resource;
  • Absence of harmonised policies and strategies;
  • Limited participation in more joint international tourism promotion and participation in fairs and exhibitions;
  • Lack of common approach to implementation of international and regional treaties or agreements;
  • Inadequate Research and Development; and
  • Under developed framework for e-commerce.

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