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The East African Community has had earlier relations with the Arcadia University through its International Peace and Conflict Resolution Programme IPCR Program. In 2006, Arcadia University was awarded a development grant that it used to establish a Centre for Peace and Conflict Resolution Centre in Arusha, Tanzania whose objectives were complementary to the vision and overall mission of the EAC. The Centre was used as a ground for a project-based student research program congruent with EAC initiatives. This partnership came to an end in 2013.

The EAC, through a Tripartite Partnership MoU with Arcadia University and the American Graduate School, is set to relaunch activities at the Nyerere Centre for Peace Research in Arusha and online to support the EAC agenda of peace and security in East Africa and to build local capacities for peace building. The Centre, since the departure of Arcadia University program, has been relatively inactive. The purpose of the partnership is to re-launch the Centre to enable taking its Mandate as an internationally recognized centre of Excellence in East Africa and the go-to hub for research, analysis and promotion of dialogue.

In September 2022, the EAC signed a tripartite Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Arcadia University, an institute of higher learning based in Pennsylvania – USA and the American Graduate School, an institute of higher learning based in Paris, France. The MoU establishes an agreement to collaborate in the operation of the Julius Nyerere Centre to be housed at the EAC Nyerere Centre for Peace Research in Arusha, Tanzania.

In this collaboration, the EAC, the IPCR program at Arcadia University, and the American Graduate School for International Relations and Diplomacy shall develop and implement specific activities and programs in keeping with their respective mandates both individually and collaborate with the Nyerere Centre.

In line with the collaboration agreement, Arcadia University shall provide:

  1. Training programs in mediation and conflict resolution conducted at or by the Centre;

  2. Programming to be held at the Nyerere Centre, virtually as well as pathways for advanced study at Arcadia and AGS in Paris;

  3. Co-sponsorship of the workshops and roundtable discussions and published proceedings congruent with the EAC mission and initiatives;

  4. Internship and fieldwork opportunities for EAC members, AGS and IPCR students, both at the Centre and online;

 These partnership activities are to commence in February 2023.

For more information about Arcadia University visit: https://www.arcadia.edu


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