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Investment in Water and Sanitation services

The provision of water and sanitation services in the EAC Partner States is gradually being privatised.

In Burundi, the Multi-Sectoral Water and Electricity Infrastructure Project aims to increase people’s access to water in peri-urban areas of Bujumbura and improve the quality and reliability of water services in the Bujumbura region.

In Kenya, some of these services have already been privatised, with the Nairobi Water and Sewerage Company currently providing water and sanitation management services in Nairobi. It plans to expand its operations to other cities in the country.

Electrogaz, the Rwanda’s water utility company has managed to increase water provision to many parts of the country.

In Tanzania, the National Water and Sewerage Corporation is in the process of privatising its services.

The National Water and Sewerage Corporation of Uganda is conducting trials with contracted private management of operations in Kampala and Jinja and is in the process of identifying the forms of private-sector involvement.

Investment opportunities exist in the EAC Partner States in the provision of portable water, the provision of garbage and refuse disposal facilities, and the provision of waste treatment facilities in all Partner States.

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