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EAC AEO Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who is eligible for the Regional AEO Program?

Any company that is registered in any one of the EAC Partner States and has been in operation for at least one year and its business plays a role along the international trade supply chain.

  • Where do I apply for the program?

Application forms can be obtained from the Customs Office in the Partner State where your business is registered. In the future, the application forms will be available online. Fill in the form and return to Customs office.

  • How long does it take to process my application?

If the application is properly filled and all the required attachments are provided then process should take a maximum of 60 days from the time of acceptance.

  • What are the real benefits of being an AEO?

There are many benefits of becoming an AEO and there are even more benefits of being a regional AEO. These include; good reputation for your company – recognition as a low risk reliable business, expedited processing while at Customs, cost savings, increased turnover and profitability. Please contact Customs office for further information.

  • How much is the application fee for becoming AEO?

The Application for AEO status is voluntary and free.

  •  How do I get recognised in other Partner States when I transact business in a Partner State other than the one I registered from?

The Customs IT system in each Partner State has been equipped with an identifier that can tell an AEO transaction. However, should it be necessary, please feel free to introduce yourself to the Customs officers at any service point

  • For how long does the certificate remain valid?

Once granted the AEO status, you will be issued with a certificate which is valid for 3 years. After the three-year period, your performance will be evaluated, and if found satisfactory, then the certificate will be renewed. If the performance is not satisfactory then your status may be suspended or revoked.

  • After I get the AEO Status, can I opt out?

The AEO is free to opt out of the program at any time upon giving notification to the Commissioner Customs.

  • I don’t transact business with other Partner States, why should I bother with becoming a regional AEO?

The AEO status does not only grant you benefits within the boundaries of EAC, with MRAs, the benefits extend to other countries and therefore an AEO receives recognition even when transacting business outside EAC.

  • Who do I contact in case I have matters for the attention of Customs

In each Partner State, the Customs administration has a contact point. Please see the list under contacts

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