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European Union – EAC Regional Cooperation

The East African Community (EAC) and the European Union (EU) enjoy fruitful relations through which the EU supports the EAC in realizing its objective of widening and deepening cooperation among its Partner States in, among others, political, social, economic and social fields for the mutual benefits of their citizenry.

This long standing relationship has seen the EU support the EAC regional integration agenda through National Indicative Programmes (NIPs) in the five Partner States and through the Regional Indicative Programme (RIP) of the Eastern and Southern Africa and Indian Ocean (ESA-IO) region.

EU support through the 10th European Development Fund (EDF) Regional Indicative Programme covers the EAC and three other Regional Economic Organizations (COMESA, IGAD and IOC) and has a budget of 619 million Euros. The two focal areas of the 10th EDF support are Regional Economic Integration and Regional Political Integration and Cooperation.

The EU also supports the EAC Secretariat and other EAC Organs in the implementation of the regional trade agenda, support to the EAC’s programme on development frameworks for good and democratic governance as well as migration, trade facilitation along the Central Corridor, and a power transmission line between Burundi and Rwanda.


10th EDF Programme Implementation:

The EAC is currently implementing 3 programmes supported under the 10th EDF:

  1. Maritime Security Programme (MASE) - Euro 2.3 million: MASE aims to strengthen the capacity of the Easter Southern Africa and Indian Ocean (ESA-IO) region in the implementation of the ESA-IO Regional Strategy and Action Plan against Piracy and for Promoting Maritime Security. Duration: April 2014 to 30th June 2015;
  2. Regional Integrated Support Programmes (RISP 3) - Euro 2.7 million: The programme aims at enhancing the capacity of Regional Organizations and stakeholders in the EAC Partner States to create integrated markets. Duration: July 2014 – June 2015; and
  3. Inter-Regional Coordinating Committee (IRCC) Support Project PE - Euro 2 1.5 million: The Programme aims at building the technical capacity of the EAC Secretariat and strengthening the capacity to develop, and effectively manage EDF funds.

Duration: August 2014 to 31st January 2016

The EU is also supporting several East Africa Road Network/Road Transport Corridors:

  • The Northern Corridor (Mombasa – Malaba – Kampala – Katuna – Kigali – Bujumbura)
  • The Central Corridor ( Dar es Salaam – Rusumo – Kigali – Gisenyi including the Lusahunga – Mutukula – Masaka Spur)
  • The Sirari Corridor ( Biharamulo – Mwanza – Musoma – Sirari – Kisumu – Kitale – Lokichogio)
  • The Sumbawanga Corridor ( Tunduma – Sambawanga – Kasulu – Nyakaanazi)
  • The Namanga Corridor (Tunduma – Arusha – Namaga – Nairobi – Isiolo – Moyale)

In the Energy Sector, the EU is supporting EAC to implement the Rwanda – Burundi 220Kv power interconnector at a cost of Euro 37.7million out of which the EU is providing Euro 16 million for the 10th EDF to finance the Burundian component. KfW of Germany is providing Euro 19.7 million out of which 16.7 million will finance the Rwandan section and Euro 3 million for the Burundian section.

The project entails the construction of a 143km transmission line from Kigoma in Rwanda to Gitega in Burundi via Butare (Rwanda) and Ngozi (Burundi). The transmission line will be designed at 220kV but initially operated at 110kV and will cover 62km in Rwanda’s territory and 81km in Burundi. The project includes the construction of a 20MW 110/30kV sub-station in Ngozi and in Gitaga.

The Rwanda – Burundi power interconnector is part of a larger ongoing multinational project to interconnect Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi and the Democratic Republic of Congo.


One Stop Border Posts (OSBPs):

EU has supported the establishment of One-Stop Border Posts (OSBPs) and the construction of these facilities is ongoing along several borders in the EAC, including the following:

  1. Malaba between Kenya and Uganda
  2. Busisa between Kenya and Uganda
  3. Isebania/Sirari between Kenya and Tanzania
  4. Mutukula between Tanzania and Uganda
  5. Namanga between Kenya and Tanzania
  6. Holili/Taveta between Kenya and Tanzania
  7. Lunga Lunga/Hororo between Kenya and Tanzania
  8. Rusumo between Rwanda and Tanzania
  9. Katuna/Gatuna between Rwanda and Uganda
  10. Nemba/Kanyaru between Burundi and Rwanda


11th EDF Programming:

The East African Community has completed its 11th European Development Fund (EDF) Regional Indicative Programme (RIP) which outlines the broad activities to be funded under the 11th EDF over the period 2014 -2020.

The projects in the EAC 11th EDF RIP are in the three Priority Areas of Regional Economic Integration, Peace and Security and Natural Resource Management and amount to a total of Euro 85 Million over the course of the 11th EDF cycle.

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