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1. The Facilitator for the EAC-led Inter-Burundi Dialogue, His Excellency Benjamin William Mkapa, paid a two-day visit to the Republic of Burundi. The objective of the visit was to confer with His Excellency President Pierre Nkurunziza and other stakeholders on the status of the Dialogue and the way forward.

2. The Facilitator had cordial discussions with President Nkurunziza and shared with him his vision of the interventions to be undertaken in the coming months in fulfillment of the EAC Summit of Heads of State mandate.

3. The Facilitator shared his roadmap for the process that includes a number of consultations that would culminate into an Agreement to be reached by June 2017.

4. The Facilitator consulted with Political Parties, Diplomatic Community, Civil Society Organizations, Women and Youth Groups, Religious Leaders and a number of prominent political actors.

5. The Facilitator appreciated the determination of all stakeholders towards collectively putting in place a forward-looking agenda that would precipitate to credible elections in 2020.

6. The Facilitator in his interactions recognized the readiness of all Parties to engage the non-violent external opposition in the Dialogue process as part of the fulfillment of the commitments towards inclusivity.

7. The Facilitator sensed a notable convergence on the fact that there is a tremendous improvement in the security situation, which all stakeholders should use to ensure that this process is concluded.

8. The Facilitator reiterated that the current impasse is a Burundi problem that must be solved by the Barundi. They must therefore strive to establish common ground for Dialogue.

9. The Facilitator further appreciated the readiness of the Development Partners to engage more constructively with the Burundi Authorities towards actions that will support revival of the Burundi economy.

10. The Facilitator noted that throughout his interactions, the legitimacy of the Burundi government was not called into question and urged all parties to the dialogue to focus into the future.

11. The Facilitator appreciated concerns raised over limitations in political space and underscored the need for open and frank deliberations in this regard.

12. The Facilitator appreciated the invitation and hospitality extended to him by the Government of Burundi and the enthusiasm demonstrated by all the stakeholders he interacted with.

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