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PROJECT NAME: East African Community Capacity Building Project

Project ID: P-Z1-K00-115

Grant No: 2100155041467

  1. The East African Community (EAC) Secretariat has received a grant from the African Development Fund to finance the East African Community Capacity Building Project. It is intended that part of the proceeds of this grant will be applied to eligible payments for goods, works and services to be procured under the project. The modes of procurement will include International competitive Bidding and Selection Based on the Consultants Qualifications (CQS).
  1. The objective of the East African Community (EAC) Capacity Building Project is to strengthen EAC’s capacity for effective integration. The EAC is a regional economic community (REC) comprising Burundi, Kenya, Rwanda, South Sudan, Tanzania, Democratic Republic of Congo and Uganda. Its mandate is to promote cooperation among Partner States in the economic, social and political fields to improve the quality of life for the people of East Africa.
  1. The project shall be structured into the following four components:

a) Component 1: Enhancing trade facilitation measures to boost EAC trade: This component will support the implementation of measures to address persistent barriers to the cross-border movement of goods. It will provide support for the implementation of the one stop border post (OSBP) concept at four border posts where such measures are not in place and improving the operations of 12 existing OSBPs where operations are not fully optimized due to missing facilities.

b) Component 2: Promoting the EAC as single investment destination: This component will focus on the development and implementation of harmonized regional policies, strategies and legal frameworks for promoting the EAC as a single investment destination. These include Investment and Diaspora policies and legal frameworks, and Investment Protocol Law while mainstreaming relevant protocols under the AfCFTA.

c) Component 3: Strengthen the institutional capacity of the EAC Secretariat: This component will focus on strengthening the institutional capacity of the EAC Secretariat to coordinate the regional integration agenda. It will support the establishment or upgrade of tools and systems and human resource capacity strengthening. The key systems to be developed include the EAC executive dashboard, the EAC results-based framework (RBF), an automated Audit system, and EAC institutional Quality Management System.

d) Project management: The project will provide support to buttress the EAC Secretariat’s capacity to effectively manage the implementation of the three components. The support to be provided includes recruitment of a project coordinator and a dedicated project accountant. The activity will also cover Project Management Team costs for monitoring project activities in the Partner States

  1. Procurement of goods and/or works will be in accordance with the Bank's Rules of Procedure for the Procurement of Goods and Works. Acquisition of the services of consultants will follow the Bank's Procurement Methods and Procedures, dated October 2015, available on Bank’s website www.afdb.org. Solicitation documents are expected to be available in September 2022.
  1. Interested bidders may obtain further information, and should confirm their interest, by contacting:

The Secretary General,
East African Community
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