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Please find attached a letter regarding interest of Consulting Engineers Group Ltd. (CEG) of India in presenting our company brochure for purpose of including firm’s name on the mailing list to receive the invitation to prequalify / bid under ICB procedure and receive a copy of advertisement or any additional information for consultancy contract against the subject General Procurement Notice.


Link for accessing SPN for the EoI was shared

In reference to the general procurement notice attached for the above-mentioned expression of interest which was expected to be available on your website by 12th April 2021, we kindly request for the document to begin preparation of the expression of interest.

Link for accessing SPN was shared

Please provide us with all the info needed as per the attached notice, thanks

The link to the SPN


Reference is made to existing feasibility studies, such as on the Kibondo-Mabamba road section, done in 2015.

I would like to know please if it will be possible to share the existing feasibility study and other perhaps scoping reports,

For the road sections include in this Expression of Interest?

 At this stage, kindly be advised that it's only an expression stage and for those who will shortlisted will be availed with relevant documents when they will be preparing RFPs.

We are sending to you our expression of interest mentioned in the subject line to download from this link.
While wishing you good reception and good use, please believe in the expression of our highest consideration.

Electronic submissions are allowed E-mail submissions addressed to

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. will be accepted.

We would like to receive specific details regarding engineering consultancy tenders for the General Procurement Notice for the FEASIBILITY STUDIES AND DETAILED DESIGNS OF MULTINATIONAL ROADS LINKING BURUNDI AND TANZANIA.

As such, and in order to present a relevant and objective Proposal in due time, we would like to receive the Request for Expression of Interest regarding the Consultancy Services as it should be published.

Kindly use the following contact details for communication purposes:

Link for accessing SPN was shared

1.      We Express our interest in participating in this opportunity, hence, in receiving a copy of the advertisement requesting expressions of interest for the consultancy contract

2.      We kindly ask you to reconsider the online submission , as you can see that we received the documents yesterday (1.5.2021) and the deadline on (7.5.2021 ) . As DHL need more than 6 days.

1.      Link for accessing SPN was shared

2.      The EoIs were sent to websites since 16th April 2021. We regret to inform you that it will be not possible to extend the time of submission as of now.

1.      In the procurement notice attached it is mentioned that the Request for Expression of Interest was expected to be available 12th of April 2021, can you kindly provide the information or where we can access the documents

2.      We are interested in providing the services for the Feasibility studies and detailed designs of multinational roads linking Burundi and Tanzania. At this point, however, I would like to find out if you have standard forms and formats we need to adhere to for the preparation of Expression of Interest.

3.      In the procurement notice attached it is mentioned that the roads are divided into 3 lots: TZ1, TZ2 and Lot BU. Please can you clarify if the lots are being treated as one road subject to one bid, or as separated entities requiring separate Expression of interest.

1.      Link for accessing SPN for more details was shared

2.      According to the GPN as posted by the Bank, AfDB,  it is stated that acquisition of the services of the Consultants will be in accordance with the procedures set out in the African Development Bank’s Procurement Policy Framework, dated October 2015, which is  available  on  the  website www.afdb.org 

3.      Kindly be advised that the lots are treated as one road and subject to one bid. Only one Expression of Interest is required


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