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What is the purpose of this database?

To facilitate the implementation of the Customs Union and the Common Market, the Directorate of Customs and Trade has prioritized development of human resource capacity in customs and trade through various programs implemented at national, regional and international levels.

The Directorate of Customs and Trade relies largely on expertise within the region to review, develop and implement trade and customs instruments and programs. To support the implementation of the Single Customs Territory, the EAC common market and other agreements with third parties which EAC has signed or is currently negotiating, the EAC requires constant access to specialist skills in the areas of Customs, Tax and Trade. In order to easily access regional experts, this Customs, Tax and Trade Experts Database was brought to live.

The purpose of the database is to assist the EAC, the Partner States and the Customs, Tax and Trade networks in accessing experts for work / consultancies within or outside the region.

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