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Enos S. Bukuku

Enos S. Bukuku is currently East African Community’s Deputy Secretary-General in charge of Planning & Infrastructure, whose appointment commenced on 19th April 2011. He is serving his second and last three-year term that ends in April 2017.

Under the Planning & Infrastructure docket, he oversaw negotiations for the East African Monetary Union (EAMU) Protocol (2011-2013). Establishment of a single market for financial services in the EAC region, harmonisation of statistics, liberalisation of the EAC airspace, and establishment of One Network Area for mobile telephony are some of the milestones he is registered to date. Improving connectivity in the EAC region via modern roads, railways and waterways remains a challenge and top priority in moving forward integration in infrastructure.

Before joining the service of the East African Community Secretariat in Arusha, Tanzania, Enos Bukuku served in various public positions in the United Republic of Tanzania including Deputy Governor for Economic and Financial Policies at the Bank of Tanzania (BOT), and Permanent Secretary in the following Ministries: Ministry for Infrastructure Development (MoID); Ministry of Planning, Economy and Empowerment (MPEE) and President’s Office, Planning & Privatisation (POPP).

Dr Bukuku also served as Economic Adviser during a ten-year period to three successive Prime Ministers in the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO).

He was a member of the teaching staff in the Department of Economics at the University of Dar es Salaam where he was a Senior Lecturer in Economics during the period 1989 through 2002.

Mr Bukuku has served on a number of Boards of Directors as Member of the Board or Chairman of the Board of Directors, including: Tanzania Revenue Authority, TRA (Chairman, 1998-2004); Public Procurement Regulatory Authority, PPRA (Chairman, 2006-2013); Tanzania Telecommunications Company Limited, TTCL (Chairman, 2011-2014); Small Enterprise Loan Facility, SELF (Chairman, 2003-2007). He was a Member of the Board of Directors of the Bank of Tanzania (BOT), and the National Bank of Commerce (NBC) during the 1990s. He also was a Member of the Team of Experts who crafted Tanzania’s National Development Vision, 2025.

Dr Bukuku is a holder of a Doctoral degree in Economics from the University of Dar es Salaam.

His spouse is a Judge of the High Court of Tanzania and they have one child.

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