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Improving Collaborative Conservation and Management of Transboundary Natural Resources in East African Community

USAID/Kenya and East Africa has partnered with the EAC Secretariat  in an effort to strengthen the Community's collaborative conservation and management of transboundary natural resources.

Over its 3-year duration, startting July 2019, the project will focus on the following 3 objectives:

  • To strengthen EAC’s evidence-based decision-making, regulation, technical coordination of strategic approaches and capacity building in conservation and management of transboundary natural resources;
  • To increase regional public awareness on the value of natural resources ; and
  • To reduce transboundary wildlife poaching and trafficking.

 In strengthening harmonization of regional policies, strategies, plans and legal frameworks that support effective and efficient conservation and management of transboundary ecosystems in East African Community, the project will support:

  • Development of a Regional Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan (RBSAP);
  • Review the EAC Protocol on Environment and Natural Resources Management, 2006;
  • Review the EAC Transboundary Ecosystems Management Bill, 2012;
  • Harmonize Regional Policy, Strategy and Legislation on Wildlife Conservation & Management; and
  • Support ratification of the East African Community Forests Management and Protection Bill, 2015

Further the poject will work on strengthening the capacity of regional institutions to sustainably manage critical transboundary ecosystems as well as increase awareness of the economic and intrinsic value of living wildlife and reduce demand for wildlife products.

During its implementation, the project will also stablish and operationalize an effective regional coordination mechanism to strengthen inter-agency collaboration on wildlife conservation at regional and international level.

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