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EAC strategic interventions

The Agriculture and Rural Development Strategy outlines the strategic interventions identified for the acceleration of agricultural sector development. The following underpin these interventions:

  1. Improving Food Security
  2. Accelerating irrigation development
  3. Strengthening Early Warning Systems
  4. Strengthening Research, Extension and Training
  5. Increasing Intra and Inter Regional Trade and Commerce
  6. Physical Infrastructure and Utilities

The EAC plans to intervene through the following mechanisms:

  1. Improving Food Security and Accelerating irrigation development by:
    • Improving the performance and increase the contribution of agriculture as a major entry point from development
    • Increasing availability of water in rain-fed agricultural areas to reduce poverty by increasing food security, high value products and improved incomes of the rural poor
  2. Strengthening Early Warning Systems and Strengthening Research, Extension and Training by:
    • Managing food shortages brought about by frequent droughts and floods
    • Increasing agricultural productivity and returns to farmers
  3. Increasing Intra and Inter Regional Trade and Commerce and Physical Infrastructure and Utilities by:
    • Developing an efficient network of physical infrastructure in rural areas to achieve high rates of growth, increasing productivity, trade and cooperation

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