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INDICATORS: Productive Sectors PDF Print E-mail

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icon Retail Market Prices

Table 3.1c: Retail market prices for selected food crops, USD per kilogram

icon Land Area Coverage, Production

Table 3.1b: Production for Selected Crops, '000 tonnes

icon Livestock Population

Table 3.1d: Livestock Population by Type, '000 head


icon Table 3.1e: Fish Catch, '000 tonnes

icon Electricity Generation

Table 3.2a: Electricity Generation - Installed Electricity Capacity (MWH)
Table 3.2b: Electricity Generation (GWH)

icon Table 3.2c: Energy Exports, Imports

icon Energy Use Indicators, Electricity Use Per Capita

Table 3.2d: Energy Use Indicators
Table 3.hf: Electricity use Per Capita, % Share of Electricity to GDP and Total Losses
Table 3.2g: Electricity consumption, kilowatt hours per capita

icon Table 3.2e: Electricity Tariffs by Type of Customer, US dollar


icon Table 2.15a: Burundi Investment Profile
icon Table 2.15d: Kenya Investment Profile
icon Table 2.15b: Tanzania Investment Profile
icon Table 2.15e: Rwanda Investment Profile
icon Table 2.15c: Uganda Investment Profile
icon Table 2.15f: Other Investment Indicators


icon Mineral Exploration, Production

Table 3.3a: Mineral Production - Mineral Exploration
Table 3.3b: Mineral Production


icon Production, Employment, Contribution to GDP, Capital Investment

- Table 3.4a:  Manufacturing and Industry Production
- Table 3.4b: Employment in Manufacturing and Contribution of Manufacturing to GDP
- Table 3.4c: Level of Capital Investment in Industry


icon Table 2.10: Access to communication services
icon Table 2.10b: Access to post and courier services


icon Table 1.10a: Enrolment of Students in Tertiary Education for Science and Technology Studies, Number


icon Table 2.7: Tourism Indicators

Foreign visitors; hotel beds; hotel rooms; national parks; game reserves; tourist expenditure
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