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The main achievement has been the implementation of confidence-building measures that have spurred and energized Partner States’ efforts in regional integration. Partner States have expanded the spirit and enhanced the basis of the Community from the initial threshold of mere cooperation to a higher level of integration, with the ultimate objective being a Political Federation.

Summary of key EAC achievements and successes:


•    Establishment of the East African Community Customs Union
•    Establishment of the East African Community Common Market
•    Signing of the Protocol on the establishment of an East African Monetary Union
•    Convertibility of the currencies of Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda
•    Capital markets development and cross-listing of stocks
•    Joint infrastructure development projects (e.g. Arusha-Namanga-Athi River Road)
•    Harmonization of the EAC axle load (vehicle weight) limit
•    Harmonization of standards for goods produced in East Africa
•    Reduction of national trade barriers
•    Implementation of preferential tariff discount
•    Free movement of stocks
•    Harmonizing operations of Ministries of Finance and Central Banks during national budget preparation and presentation
•    Mutual recognition of health certificates issued by national bodies for goods traded in East Africa
•    Launch of the East African Payment System (EAPS) that facilitates secure transfer of payments and settlements within the region


•    Adoption of the EAC Anthem “Wimbo wa Jumuiya ya Afrika Mashariki” in 2010
•    Operationalization of the East African passport, which passport grants a holder a six month multiple-entry visa in the region
•    Implementation of seven-day grace period for personal motor vehicles crossing national borders if the EAC Partner States
•    Establishment of special immigration counters for East Africans at ports of entry
•    Issuance of temporary travel documents to facilitate travel within the region by EAC citizens
•    Harmonization of immigration forms at ports of entry
•    Abolition of student visas for East Africans
•    Standardization of university fees for citizens of East Africans
•    Implementation of student and lecturer exchange programmes at university level
•    Implementation of cross-border disease control programmes (EAIDSnet)
•    Harmonization of procedures for granting work permits
•    Conducting annual EAC Students Essay Competition
•    Conduct of the annual EAC University Students' Debate
•    Conduct of the biennial EAC Arts and Culture Festival (JAMAFEST)
•    Conduct of the annual EAC Military Sports and Culture Week


•    Signing of the Treaty for the Establishment of the East African Community in 1999
•    Joint military exercises by EAC Partner States Defence Forces
•    Establishment of fora for chiefs of Police, Directors of CID and Directors of Operations and Intelligence to coordinate peace and security matters
•    Joint patrols, sharing of criminal intelligence and surveillance to combat cross-border crime


•    Establishment of the East African Court of Justice
•    Establishment of the East African Legislative Assembly
•    Establishment of the East African Science and Technology Commission
•    Establishment of the East African Kiswahili Commission
•    Establishment of the East African Health Research Commission
•    Establishment of the EAC Civil Aviation Safety and Security Oversight Agency(CASSOA)
•    Establishment of The Lake Victoria Basin Commission
•    Establishment of The Inter-University Council for East Africa
•    Establishment of EAC Chief Justices Forum


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