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Establishment of the Secretariat | Organogramme

The Secretariat is the executive organ of the Community.

These are the offices in the service of the Community:
- Secretary General;
- Deputy Secretaries General;
- Counsel to the Community;
and such other offices as may be deemed necessary by the Council.

Secretary General
The Secretary General is appointed by the Summit upon nomination by the relevant Head of State under the principle of rotation.

Upon the appointment of the Secretary General the Partner State from which he or she is appointed forfeits the post of Deputy Secretary General.

The Secretary General is the principal executive officer of the Community and is: the head of the Secretariat; the Accounting Officer of the Community; the Secretary of the Summit; and carries out such other duties as are conferred upon him/her by the Treaty or by the Council from time to time.

The Secretary General serves a fixed five (5) year term.

The terms and conditions of service of the Secretary General are determined by the Council and approved by the Summit.


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