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Communiqué by EAC Youth Ambassadors, Best Debaters and Youth Leaders attending the Training Of Trainers Workshop on the Structures, Processes and EAC Regional Integration held on 21 to 23 October 2012, at Naura Springs Hotel in Arusha, Tanzania.



WE, the EAC Youth Ambassadors, Best Debaters of the 1st EAC University Student’s Debate 2012 and Youth Leaders attending the training of trainers workshop on the structures, processes and EAC regional integration, meeting today in Naura Springs Hotel, Arusha, Tanzania; affirm our commitment to a strategic partnership based on shared values and interest, including the sensitization and creating awareness on the EAC integration process amongst the youth at the local, national and regional levels.

WE, agree to commit ourselves by signing a communiqué indicating our commitment to move forward and devote ourselves in the success of sensitization and awareness campaigns as Champions of the EAC integration at local, national and regional levels AND STATE AS FOLLOWS:

1) RECOGNIZING that one of the fundamental principles of the East African Community (EAC) is that the Community is a people-driven Community as provided for by Article 7 of the Treaty for the Establishment of the East African Community.

2) NOTING that the youth are key stakeholders in the integration of the citizens of EAC and that they occupy an important place in the process and further noting that as per Article 120 of the EAC Treaty there is need to develop and adopt “a common approach towards the disadvantaged and marginalized groups, including children, the youth, the elderly and persons with disabilities through rehabilitation and provision of, among others, foster homes, health care, education and training” (emphasis added);

3) RECOGNIZING that the EAC has four pillars namely Customs Union, Common Market, Monetary Union and ultimately, the Political Federation and that the participation of citizens is fundamentally interdependent on reinforcing a common East African identity and in deepening and widening the integration process;

4) OBSERVING that all stakeholders to the EAC integration process recognize the lack of information and awareness among citizens in general and the youth in particular on EAC structures and processes and

5) NOTING that the citizens have a right to timely and correct information and content on the EAC integration and cooperation process and activities, but the EAC Secretariat and Ministries responsible for EAC affairs, to realize this needs strong collaboration with the youth;

We, therefore recommend as follows;

1. A comprehensive sensitization and awareness programme be carried out by the EAC Youth Ambassadors in partnership with the EAC Secretariat, the Ministries responsible for EAC Affairs in the Partner States, the organized civil society, private sector and local governments;

2. EAC youth awareness activities should be forged at national and regional levels in collaboration with the EAC Secretariat, Ministries responsible for EAC Affairs in order to widen, deepen and strengthen the sensitization and awareness campaigns;

3. A national and regional youth consultative roundtable should be established by the EAC Youth Ambassadors, Best Debater and Youth Leaders to coordinate, monitor and support the operations of the youth activities in Partner States to the sensitization and awareness campaigns process;

4. That the EAC Secretariat should in collaboration with the Partner States and development partners, mobilize required resources to facilitate the sensitization and awareness campaigns championed by the EAC Youth Ambassadors;

5. That the EAC Youth Ambassadors, Best Debaters and Youth Leaders identify the existing youth programmes and that the EAC strengthens these programmes in their pursuit to contribute to the development in the region and facilitate sensitization and awareness of the EAC integration process;

6. That the EAC Youth Ambassadors, Best Debaters and Youth Leaders promote joint and/or individual cross-border activities to enable citizens to be the drivers of regional integration  and cooperation

7. That EAC Youth Ambassadors, Best Debaters and Youth Leaders agree to commit ourselves to organize and roll out EAC Youth Clubs for Secondary University Campuses to be dubbed Model East African Community (MEAC) i.e. Burundi Model East African Community (BMEAC) for Burundi; Kenya Model East African Community (KMEAC) for Kenya; Rwanda Model East African Community (RMEAC) for Rwanda; Tanzania Model East African Community (TMEAC) for Tanzania; and Uganda Model East African Community (UMEAC) for Uganda; and;

8. That the EAC Youth Ambassadors, Best Debaters and Youth Leaders commit themselves to be champions of this process of sensitization and awareness campaigns for the good of all East Africans through youth consultations among our various universities.

Lastly, we highly appreciate the initiative for the designation of EAC Youth Ambassadors by the EAC Secretariat, GIZ and GOPA and the facilitation of this workshop towards supporting the EAC integration process through sensitization and awareness campaign programmes.

Signed by EAC Youth Ambassadors, Best Debaters and Youth Leaders on this day 23rd Day of October, 2012 at the Naura Springs Hotel, Arusha, Tanzania.


2. JURU Maria Eglantine

3. KALIIJA James

4. KENYANITO Ephraim Percy

5. MAGOMA Anthony

6. MARO Raymond Callyst

7. MBEDI Milly Minayo

8. MURAMIRA Gashegu

9. NANGEKHE Elizabeth

10. NGILANGWA Eric Gordon

11. NTIBASAME Thierry

12. OYOBE Julians Amboko

13. PATRICK Murenzi

14. PAVU Juma Abdalla

15. TAYEBWA James Bamwenda




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